A Youthful Eyes and Ideas Proposal

Before Filling Out A Youthful Eyes and Ideas Proposal

Observe and research in your community.

  • What problem do you want to address?
  • How big is that problem? How much influence can you have on the situation? Why is the problem happening in the first place? How well do your problem and your solution align?

Who else can support your work? Think about partners, volunteers, other funders, contributions of goods and services.

Include a project start date and a project end date.

A budget breakdown including:

  • Expenses
    • Programming:  What you’ll do.
    • Administrative:  What it will cost to do the program (postage, meals, material etc)
    • Training:  Do you need information or education to do your program well?
    • Other:  Please explain
  • Income
    • How much are you requesting from the Dekko Foundation?
    • Funds from other resources (include name and contribution amount)
    • Volunteer time
    • In-kind contributions (equipment, professional services, materials, etc.)

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