Grandpa! I caught one!


We’re willing to bet that your grandpa was standing next to you the day you caught your first fish!  And, that you celebrated holidays by getting more frosting on yourself, and your mom, than on the actual sugar cookie. 

Childhood experiences!  They make us the adults we become in SO many ways!

It’s no surprise then, that research shows philanthropy and community service are learned skills.  If you helped your mom make soup for a sick neighbor, it’s likely you do the same thing  (OK, maybe you get the soup from the Panera drive-thru…but still.).  If your church youth group raked leaves for elderly members, today you probably look around your community for ways to help.

At the Dekko Foundation, we want to help teens learn about philanthropy by DOING!   Doing what?–Important things that will make their community better…and cement that all-important philanthropy gene for later.

One group of teens we know is planning to remodel the amphitheater in their town park…they’re hoping to be done in time for summer concerts.  Another sure winner is the Senior Prom…a social event for senior citizens that builds relationships and dance partners across generations! 

Because the stakes are so high (Otherwise, where will we get our volunteers and philanthropists in the future?) we want to make more good investments in youth philanthropy.

Follow this link to learn more about our youth philanthropy grants!  Feel free to pass the word on to both kids and adults.