Grandpa! I got one!

Were you with your grandpa when you caught your first wiggly fish?  Did you make messy frosted sugar cookies with your mom?  Most of us did…and it’s so often childhood experiences that make us who we are.

It’s not much of surprise then, that research shows that philanthropy and community service are learned skills.  If your mother took soup to a sick neighbor, you’re likely to do the same (even if the soup comes from Panera).  If your church youth group raked leaves for elderly church members, you’re likely to look around your neighborhood today and see ways to help out people in need.

At the Dekko Foundation we want to do our part to help teens learn about philanthropy by DOING!   Doing what?  By bringing about positive community change.  For twenty years we’ve invested in youth philanthropy groups…and we think they’ve been a smashing success.  With one exception.

These groups were limited in size to about 15 young people in each of our counties…NOT NEARLY ENOUGH!