Grant Application Deadlines

We do not have grant application deadlines. Instead, we ask that you send your proposal at least 90 days before you would like to receive a response from our foundation. This timing gives us a chance to research and consider your proposal and gets you an answer on your timeline.

How does that work?

Here’s an example: Let’s say that you are planning a summer camp for children that begins on June 22 and you would like to seek Dekko Foundation support to pay for some of the materials.  You will want to back up at least 90 days from the date that you need to know how you’ll pay for your materials.  An even better plan would be to send your grant proposal in the fall as soon as you’ve decided to hold the camp the next year. That way you’ll know during the winter months whether or not we’ve accepted your proposal and you can make your plans and market your camp from there.

Please be advised that, in the past, our foundation has decided not to invest in projects that are already underway, or completed, and are seeking reimbursement.