Nonprofit Toolbelt Grants

Nonprofit Toolbelt Grants are designed to help you build a strong, long lasting organization.

We believe that strong, long-lasting nonprofit organizations are critical contributors to the healthy development of young people.

Research tells us that nonprofit organizations:

  • Need solid board and staff leaders who have nonprofit-specific knowledge.
  • Benefit over the long term with multiple sources of revenue.
  • Profit from effective use of technology.
  • Thrive when they hold themselves accountable for specific results.

In this area of focus we want to fund consulting and facilitation to help nonprofits advance beyond their challenges and elevate their ability to serve young people.

Our priorities with Nonprofit Toolbelt Grants are:

  • Helping organizations learn to measure the impact of their work
    on the people they serve.
  • Supporting the exploration, and development, of multiple revenue streams.
  • Increasing organizational focus by supporting planning and goal setting.
  • Providing support to address the individualized needs of youth-serving nonprofits.

Nonprofit Toolbelt Grants are limited to the purpose of consulting or education. If your organization has other needs, you may want to apply for support using our traditional grantmaking process

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