Our Granting Process

Here’s How Our Grantmaking Process Flows

Grant seeker activities in green.

  1. Your organization researches the Dekko Foundation’s grantmaking and knows the following:
    • There are no application deadlines…you want to send your proposal 90 days before you want to receive an answer to your proposal.
    • You are welcome to call the Dekko Foundation at any time during the research, application or consideration process!
  2. Your organization sends an online grant proposal to the Dekko Foundation.
  3. Our grants manager: Acknowledges receipt of the proposal. Gathers more information if needed.
  4. One of our program officers contacts you to set up a discussion about your proposal. You’ll meet either in person or by phone.
  5. One of our program officers visits to discuss your grant proposal in more detail.
  6. The program officer may ask your organization to provide more/different information.
  7. Our program officer summarizes your grant request for discussion by the entire Dekko Foundation staff.
  8. Our program officer may request more information from you at this time. Don’t worry. It happens all of the time!
  9. Our program officers make changes and summarize your grant request for discussion by our Grant Review Committee.
  10. Our grant review committee reviews these summaries and makes recommendations to the board of directors.
  11. Our board of directors determines whether or not the Dekko Foundation will make the proposed grant. This information is communicated by mail. There are several possible answers to Dekko Foundation grant requests:
    • Approved as an outright grant.
    • Approved as a pledge after conditions are fulfilled.
    • Approved in part.
    • Declined.
  12. Our letter will explain the reasons for a declination.
  13. Organizations that are approved for funding will receive a grant agreement (which should be signed by your organization’s leader and returned to us). Our mailing will also include a copy of the grantee’s mid-term grant report and final grant report and will note the time when these reports will come due.
  14. After the grant agreement is signed and returned, we do one of two things:
    • We pay out the grants that have been approved with no conditions or contingencies; or we set aside funds to pay its pledge when contingencies have been completed.
  15. Grantees then carry out their project as proposed.
  16. Our grants manager reminds grantees of upcoming reports and their due dates.
  17. Grantees return mid-term and final grant reports that summarize the change that occurred as part of their grant.
  18. We review these reports, and then communicate your results and lessons learned to co-workers and the Foundation’s board members.

Let us know if you still have questions.