Psssssst…want some inside info?

Who wouldn’t want a little inside glimpse into how a foundation thinks and works?

Here, as simply and clearly as we can offer them, are three things that make a huge difference on whether or not a project receives an investment from our foundation:

  1. 1.      Can we agree on what children need?    All of our grants are aimed at helping children and young people have the experiences that they need at the time they need them.  These things are important because they lay a foundation for adult independence.  Of course there are different opinions on what types of experiences and support children and youth need.  Read here to see if you can agree with our beliefs.


  1. 2.      Does this project meet a well-defined need?  Our frequent grantseekers see our program officers and they know it’s coming…IT being the question…”What specific problem are you addressing with this grant proposal?”   Grantseekers often cite national statistics on a certain topic, but have no idea how large (or if) the problem exists in the community that they serve.  Some close-to-home research pays off nicely in our eyes.


  1. 3.      If you receive the grant that you’re proposing, what positive change will you bring about for children or young people?   This question helps our grant committee and board understand clearly what they’re buying if they make the investment that’s being proposed.  This topic is super-difficult…but it’s summed up nicely in this video by Jenna Ott, one of our program officers.


Want more inside information?  Please feel free to call us at any time (260-347-1278). We don’t see it as a bother!  In fact, we think that talking to grantseekers before they take the time to apply (we call it pre-communication) is a huge positive for everyone involved!  Talk to you soon.