Adolescent Development

Ages 13-18

We believe that adolescent development builds on a child’s experiences in middle childhood. We believe further that each adolescent develops in their own way, and on a timetable that reflects their unique needs.

Youth development research tells us that young people of this age:

  • Exhibit an extreme push for independence.
  • Are less interested in formal learning.
  • Become interested in society and their role.
  • Are capable of advanced reasoning and logical thought processes.
  • Begin to carefully think through issues of social justice.
  • Start to ponder their purpose in life.
  • Need support and understanding from caring adults as they discover their place in society.
  • Need positive adult role models.
  • Need opportunities for meaningful participation at home, school and within the community.

In this area of focus we want to fund projects that result in opportunities for young people ages thirteen to eighteen to develop socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

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