before_5_final_360Parents hold the potential to be their children’s first and most influential teachers. But, parents of young children are busy, busy people who need help balancing the teaching of their children with the demands of providing for them. To change parents from overwhelmed to overjoyed we’ve created before5. before5 has a website that gives parents ideas on how to teach their child and still get everything done.

In our Indiana grantmaking areas we invest in a Teachable Moment Mentor who visits with groups of parents to offer ideas on how to teach their children and still get everything else done too!  She has a wide range of informative and entertaining topics.  To e-mail our Teachable Moment Mentor, click here.

If you live in our Alabama, Iowa or Minnesota grantmaking areas and you’re interested in helping parents thrive in their role, contact us. We’d like to hear your ideas for a before5-like initiative where you live.