Dekko Foundation 101

Here are some ideas to guide you on a first grant request to our foundation.

  • Be aware that, unlike many foundations, we do not have grant application deadlines. Rather, we ask you to send your grant proposal at least 90 days before you would like to have a response.
  • Visit our website and read through the ‘Our Grantmaking’ section If you still have questions after you’ve read through our guidelines, call us and ask to speak to one of our program officers. (260-347-1278) It is our pleasure to discuss ideas or answer questions.
  • Visit the Apply Now section of our website. There you will find our Grant Application Previews. These previews show you all of the questions on our grant application, plus, for each, we offer a sample answer. (No more asking…”What do you suppose they want us to put here?”)
  • Press the APPLY NOW button. Make yourself a username and password. Fill out the grant application. Remember to save your work. Call us if you have questions as you go. (260-347-1278) Don’t worry if you can’t tell us everything on the grant application. At our foundation, we ask for details later.
  • Try to make sure that you’ve included all of the information that we’ve requested. That way, we’ll be able to get to work on your proposal right away.
  • We’ll talk with you soon about your grant proposal. One of our program officers will visit with you to understand more details about your organization and the project that you have proposed.
  • See:  Our Grantmaking Process to understand how a grant proposal flows through our organization.
  • Check out our Glossary of Philanthropic Terms to better understand the words involved in the grantmaking field.

Remember, one size DOES NOT fit all! Please understand that the ideas here relate specifically to the Dekko Foundation. If you decide to apply to other foundations, you will want to acquaint yourself with their procedures.

We wish you the very best with your grant seeking!