Vocational Exploration

We want to invest in vocational choices for young people.

The MORE CHOICES, the MORE CHANCES that young people will thrive!

Mr. Dekko left us with the mission to foster economic freedom through education. Essential to achieving that mission is that young people discover their place, or places, in the world and contribute in ways that are meaningful to them.

We’re concerned that not enough young people benefit from the opportunity to explore interests, the broad exposure to different careers and/or the introduction to role models they need to develop valuable skills. That’s why we’re working with schools, community organizations and regional leaders to connect existing vocational-exploration resources and to fill gaps that exist in communities.

So far, we’ve invested in:

  • A ten-day summer experience to help teens explore technical careers.
  • A robotics camp for fourth and fifth graders to help them develop problem solving skills.
  • A summer career and extreme sports program aimed at helping teens gain early high school credits.
  • An entrepreneur opportunity that allows teens to have firsthand experience at starting and running a business.

We’re just getting our feet wet in this area of interest! If you have ideas for supporting teens’ vocational explorations, we’d like to talk to you. Please email us.

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