Youth Philanthropy

We want to invest in youth philanthropy

“…youth philanthropy was a turning point in my personal journey.”

From research and experience, we’ve come to understand that philanthropy is a learned activity. We believe children and young people learn to show a love of mankind and make their communities better places as they model the actions of caring adults. We also believe the best way for young people to learn philanthropy is by practicing it!

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For nearly 25 years, we’ve made grants to support community leaders as they help young people bring about change in their communities. We call this area of support youth philanthropy, and we think the teen years are the perfect time to offer these experiences.

Why is philanthropy so right for teens? Our research tells us that teens:

  • Are less interested in formal learning.
  • Become interested in society and their role.
  • Are capable of advanced reasoning and logical thought processes.
  • Begin to carefully think through issues of social justice.
  • Start to ponder their purpose in life.
  • Need support and understanding from caring adults as they discover their place in society.
  • Need positive adult role models.
  • Need opportunities for meaningful participation at home, school and within the community.

Our vision is that even more young people would have the opportunity to test their philanthropic ideas. We welcome communities, schools and youth-serving organizations within our grantmaking areas to apply for support to increase the number of young people who can experience the contagious feeling of doing good to help others.

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