Youth Philanthropy


We’re seeking projects that: We’ve chosen not to invest in:
Are led by groups of young people under the age of 18. Projects that benefit an individual(s).
Are small, one-time investments in young peoples’ ideas to impact their communities. Adult-driven groups.
Promise positive change! Easy ways to fund a project.
Demonstrate a belief that small groups of young people can bring about positive community change. Groups expecting a guarantee of funding.
Are problem-based (“Something is unsatisfactory in our community and we’re going to change that.”). Projects that do not bring about positive community change.
Have a cost in proportion to the amount of community change that will occur. Projects that have already taken place and are seeking to be reimbursed.
Are supported by adults who practice healthy youth development.
Create positive change in Dekko Foundation grantmaking areas.
Are connected to a reputable, well-informed nonprofit organization that will hold and disperse the funds and lend legal, ethical and moral oversight.


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