Building a strong, durable and impactful early education program is a difficult thing to do. BUT YOU’RE NOT IN IT ALONE! Gather your board and some staff, parents, and community leaders and fill out this survey. Your spot on our Start Where You Are Bar will help you decide your next areas of focus.

To get started, simply select the column that best describes where your organization stands on each topic.



1 Our programs and services address the thought(s) expressed in our mission statement.
2 We develop new programs/services only when needed to accomplish our mission.
3 We modify our programs/services to meet community needs, but only if they further our mission.


1 We maintain clear and timely communication between our board and staff leaders.
2 We effectively and consistently train and develop our board.
3 Our board members are aware of their financial and legal responsibilities.


1 There is consistency between what we say we do and what we do.
2 We maintain positive public relations with the people and community we serve.
3 We use various media to communicate about our work (website, social media, in-person, etc.)


1 Our board supports our mission, programs and services.
2 Our internal communications are clear and effective.
3 We are open and honest when communicating with funders.


1 We offer programs and services based on accurate needs assessments.
2 We regularly measure program impact and make changes based on our assessment.
3 We create new programs while maintaining quality services to those we serve.


1 Our fundraising efforts are well organized, and fundraising targets are met consistently.
2 We maintain sufficient reserve funds to meet expenses in case of emergency.
3 Our financial decisions are made based on current budget and financial reports.


1 We regularly prepare and share financial reports with our board, including: annual budget, budget-to-actual comparison, cash flow statement and balance sheets.
2 We pay all our bills in a timely manner.
3 We set, and follow, a policy related to money owed to us.
4 To guide our decision making, we monitor individual programs/classrooms, to understand whether they break even, add to our revenue or operate at a loss.


1 We have clearly expressed job descriptions for all employees and volunteers.
2 We regularly conduct performance evaluations for all our employees.
3 We measure and take actions for our employees’ satisfaction with their work quality of life, including, but not limited to, compensation and benefits.


1 Our board and staff regularly review, and revise as necessary, our guiding documents.
2 We ask questions to understand the needs of our internal and external stakeholders.
3 We effectively assess our internal operations.


1 We actively seek partnerships with schools, service clubs, businesses and others that can help us further our work.
2 We maintain mutually-beneficial relationships with partners to help us accomplish our mission.

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Consider your options for bringing about this positive change within your organization.

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