Our Initiatives

Art Dekko:  We believe that art—singing, dancing, painting…what have you—is important to healthy child development.  We’re distressed then when we see the arts being squeezed from some schools.  To change that trend we offer Art Dekko to public and private elementary and middle schools each spring. Click here to learn more.

before5:  Parents hold the potential to be their children’s first and most influential teachers.  But, parents of young children are busy, busy people who need help balancing the teaching of their children with the demands of providing for them.  To change parents from overwhelmed to overjoyed we’ve created before5.  before5 has a website that gives parents ideas on how to teach their child and still get everything done.  Click here to learn more.

bloom!:  The people who educate and care for very young children in preschools and childcare centers report often feeling overwhelmed by responsibility, expectations and finances.  We believe that meeting the needs of children can be accomplished through simple, principle-based  thinking.  bloom! sets out to change that feeling of being overwhelmed into one of ‘more good days in the classroom.’  Click here to learn more.

phish:  We told people that we had a youth philanthropy initiative; but our adult staff members made most of the decisions.  We needed to change THAT!  phish (philanthropic ideas strategy and heart) is a group of teens who love philanthropy and wanted to play a leadership role.  Finally, we’re letting them.  Click here to learn more.

Youth Philanthropy:  Research shows that philanthropy and service to community are learned skills. We want to help teens learn about philanthropy by DOING!   Doing what?  By bringing about positive community change.  Click here to learn more.