Elephants and monkeys and cats…oh my!

Raise your hands grantseekers.  Are you confused, frustrated or just plain puzzled by foundations and their insistence on measuring and evaluation? 

Let’s talk. 

At the Dekko Foundation when we encourage our grantseekers to measure the work they do, what we’re really saying is this, “Tell us what will change for the better.” And, “How will you know whether or not anything has changed?”  

In the same way that we all like to see our savings accounts grow, foundations want to invest in improvement.   When projects make small improvements in people’s lives in the short term, it’s good. And, when those small improvements compound into significant change over time, well that’s what we’re all about! 

You’ll be pleased to know that measuring things doesn’t have to be serious, overwhelming stuff.  In fact, keeping track of progress can be downright fun! 

Here is a great idea from Sherry Hanchar, the executive director of Butler Early Education (BEE) in Butler Indiana.  Take a look at this survey below to see how Sherry took a previously un-measurable thing (“How are you feeling about the changes we’re being asked to make?”) and came up with a way to measure progress. 

Let us know what you think of Sherry’s demystifying idea…and share your own…email us at:  dekko@dekkofoundation.org

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