How do we look?

By Barry Rochford, strategic communication officer

Since you’re here, you may have had this thought: The website looks different.

Well, you’re right. We’ve updated to a responsive site so it performs better on computers, tablets and phones, and we’ve made some small tweaks that hopefully make the site more visually appealing and easier to navigate.

The former site wasn’t old, per se, but it was created at a time when more people were using desktops and laptops to hop around the Internet. These days, most people are apt to look us up on their phone’s browser instead of sitting down at their desk.

You’ll see that our homepage has changed to emphasize our mission of economic freedom. Since 1981, that has been the reason behind everything we do for young people from birth to age 18. But what is economic freedom? What does that mean to us? The new homepage betters tells that story.

Yet for all the changes, the website has stayed largely the same — and that’s important, because for our grantseekers and grant recipients, our website is where they go to complete their applications and reporting requirements. That’s why the “Apply Now!” and “My Account” buttons continue to be featured prominently at the top of the homepage.

In addition, information about our beliefs, our grantmaking and our proactive initiatives remains unchanged. Those pages are an important resource for visitors to the site who want to learn more about us and our mission, our grantmaking criteria and process, our proactive work, our board and staff, and our founder, Mr. Chester E. Dekko.

I hope you like the updated look. Please feel free to look around, kick the tires (so to speak), and let me know your thoughts and suggestions for making our website even better. You can email me at or call me at 260-347-1278, ext. 115.

Better than the lottery!


Dekko Foundation Grants–Three things you should know

  1. We want to invest in quality child and youth development. Our grants go to pay for all kinds of unusual things:  cameras, salaries, training, statues…you name it.  But it’s all directed at the same thing:  helping young people have the learning experiences they need when they need them!


  1. We don’t have application deadlines. We had grant application deadlines for a while but they didn’t make sense.  We found that grantseekers were trying to meet our deadlines rather than trying to do what worked best for their organization and their work.  Now we accept grant applications anytime.  Simply send your proposal 90 days before you need a response to your proposal.  We’ll get back to you on YOUR timeline!


  1. 80% of our grant applications receive support! Are you surprised by that?  We admit it seems high.  But foundation work has changed over time.  Our website is jam-packed with information, how-to’s and support.  You’ve gotten really good at researching and sending targeted proposals.  So many of you call just to talk through an idea you have—and we think this is great.  We can offer you ideas or maybe even suggest applying to a different foundation.

Call us to discuss an idea:  260-347-1278