Top 5 grantseeker questions (answers too)!

Here they are, in no particular order: The top five questions that we field!  If you’ve been wondering these things, you’re certainly not alone.

Q.   WHAT DO YOU FUND? A.  We want young people to grow up to be independent and have choices in their lives.  To make sure that happens, we invest in positive development for children, young people and communities.

Q.  WHEN’S YOUR DEADLINE?  A.  We don’t have any!  But we do need about 90 days to research and consider your proposal.  So, say you want to request support for a summer camp.  If you want to begin your marketing about March 1, we need your grant proposal about December 1.

Q.  HOW CAN I APPLY?  A. You’re already on our website…just click on our Apply Now section! There you’ll be able to make a user name and password and fill out our online grant application.  If you need helpful hints, that section is full of them!

Q. DO I MAIL MY PROPOSAL?  A. We love it when you apply on line!  On our Apply Now section, just click the bright green button and follow the instructions.  It’s just like ordering from!

Q.  WHAT IF I NEED HELP?  A. Call us:  260-347-1278.  Or send us an email:  It will be our pleasure to talk things through with you.


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