May we suggest? Kid Power!


Today, more and more people like to gain information, and be inspired, by watching videos. Telling a nonprofit’s stories via video seems like a no-brainer. But professionally-prepared videos can be uber pricey.

We’ll share our secret…we’re harnessing kid power!

Many teens have built great video skills, and they need the chance to put their talents to work in a real-world situation. With just a bit of adult message planning and support teens can tell a great story.

We used a teen intern (Ms. Lauren Butler) and an elementary-aged narrator (Miss Emma Shuman) to send this important message about the kind of grants we want to make. Our cost? A teen intern salary and a teeny weeny paycheck for our narrator.

What do you think?

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  1. Ashlee
    Ashlee says:

    I am always WOWED by how much work interns can accomplish. I think it is all about setting high expectations.


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