Smart is the new black!

Black…it’s understated, perfect anywhere and never out of style!


Smart Grantseeking…it’s efficient, informative and uses time wisely.

We know that all funding organizations do things differently…so, we sympathize with you, Mr. or Ms. Grantseeker.  Some foundations have deadlines and requirements for multiple copies.  Others accept proposals anytime, but only online proposals.

We have something that we think might help…at least when applying to our foundation.  Follow this link to our Grantseeker Support.  There you’ll find things like Dekko Foundation 101 and a long list of FAQ’s.  We’re hip, so we have video tips from our program officers.  If you’re very new at this whole grantseeking thing, we even have a Glossary of Philanthropic Terms.

If you’re thinking of applying for a grant you might want to try on a distant cousin to the classic little black dress…it’s called the telephone…our program officers are available to chat with you about ideas for a grant proposal and answer any questions that you might have.  260-347-1278.


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  1. Sharon Smith
    Sharon Smith says:

    I have worked with grantseekers for more than 16 years. My conclusion is that the best results come about when foundations and grantseekers talk before the proposal is written. I recommend that phonecall!


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