Walk that talk!!!

It’s easy to suggest that your spouse should exercise and cut out soda.  It’s another thing entirely when you have to lace up your sneakers and avoid the sweet brown fizzy stuff yourself.

It’s called walking the talk.  It’s hard!

At the Dekko Foundation we ask our grantseekers to take a step back from their work and deeply consider what children and young people need to grow and develop.  To be sure that we walk our talk, we’ve stepped back from our work to consider:  What do teens need from us as grantmaking professionals?

We researched teens and their needs, and here’s what we found:

  • After being in school for so many years, teens are a little bit tired of formal learning.  They want to do something hands on!
  • They’re searching for a sense of purpose in their lives.
  • They’re capable of advanced reasoning…think problem solving.
  • They may become philanthropic if led in that direction.

Knowing these things, it seemed natural for us to teach our field of philanthropy to teens.  Our latest video shows what we (and the kids) are learning!

If you know a group of young people who want to make their community a better place, make them aware of our grants for youth philanthropy.

8 replies
  1. Ashlee
    Ashlee says:

    Becoming a philanthropist as a teen help me to understand that we CAN impact our communities – especially as a young person! I’m so glad that other teens are able to participate, learn and grow through philanthropy!

  2. Tom Ray
    Tom Ray says:

    AWESOME! Our kids have come through time and time again on setting the example of being a good steward of their community. I am proud of them giving of their time, talents and treasure.

  3. Angie
    Angie says:

    I believe more people would follow through with projects, assignments, participation in activities, volunteering…If we all led by example in anything we want others to be passionate about. Show them how and they will learn.

  4. Kristen
    Kristen says:

    It would be great to gather information about other youth philanthropy groups that I could share with the Kendallville MYAC kids! I think they would enjoy hearing about what other groups are doing, and also appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded teens. Is this something Dekko would consider doing? Clearly, Dekko has the BEST information and pulse on the youth in NE Indiana! I think something like a youth summit geared specifically for teen philanthropists would be life-changing for some of our members! Just a thought!

  5. Sharon Smith
    Sharon Smith says:

    Youth Philanthopy Initiative of Indiana (YPII) would be a good place for you to start looking for other youth philanthropy groups.

    Also, next summer it’s likely that there will be a national youth philanthropy conference conveniently located in Indianapolis.

  6. Jennifer Sholund
    Jennifer Sholund says:

    We’ve have seen these very needs within the teens we serve, as well. Thanks for continually pausing to ask questions like these!

  7. Kristen
    Kristen says:

    Thank you Sharon for your reply! I will check it out! And, I would love to see a youth philanthropy conference targeted specifically FOR YOUTH take place here in Indiana!


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