Art, art! It makes you smart!


Last week some of our co-workers attended a conference in California.  Over lunch they talked with a woman who runs an after school art program.  She stated that art and music are no longer part of the school day—so programs like hers are especially important for children.

At the Dekko Foundation we’d heard rumors that the arts were being squeezed from schools, so last year we did a little informal poll.  Good news.  No! Great news!  We found out that, in our grantmaking areas at least, the arts are alive and well in public and private schools!

We think that’s great news because we’ve come to believe that participation in the arts:

  • Promotes creative problem-solving, and the ability to apply learning across different disciplines.
  • Results in positive outcomes including deeper engagement and better retention.

Just a little distinction…it’s participation in music, painting, dancing etc. that brings about the positives above…not watching someone else do them!

We’re pleased to offer our Arts Partnership Grants to elementary and middle schools across our grantmaking areas.  These grants are open to both public and private school teachers who want to boost the arts education that they’re able to offer students in their classrooms.  If teachers apply this spring, they’ll have the money they need to implement their ideas next fall!

Follow this link for all of the information on Arts Partnership Grants:  Arts Parts Application


If you know an art or music teacher encourage them to apply.  And don’t delay.  Our deadline is Friday, April 4.

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