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Learning from you, Mr./Ms. Grantseeker

We’re trying something new at the Dekko Foundation and, so far, WE LOVE IT! What are we doing?  Spending a little time with some of our grantees AFTER they’ve sent their final grant report. Why?  It’s a great way to learn from your experiences and plug that knowledge back into our work. Like most foundations, we used to spend nearly […]

Top 5 grantseeker questions (answers too)!

Here they are, in no particular order: The top five questions that we field!  If you’ve been wondering these things, you’re certainly not alone. Q.   WHAT DO YOU FUND? A.  We want young people to grow up to be independent and have choices in their lives.  To make sure that happens, we invest in positive […]

Elephants and monkeys and cats…oh my!

Raise your hands grantseekers.  Are you confused, frustrated or just plain puzzled by foundations and their insistence on measuring and evaluation?  Let’s talk.  At the Dekko Foundation when we encourage our grantseekers to measure the work they do, what we’re really saying is this, “Tell us what will change for the better.” And, “How will […]

Go with the child development flow

You know how fun it is to float down stream on a canoe, right?  The scenery flows by.  Clouds float overhead.  You’re relaxed.   The trip is effortless!  But have you ever tried to float upstream?  It’s like night and day…furious paddling…sweating…you NEVER notice the scenery! We think that teaching children and young people is much […]

Drop by for info and inspiration!

We are absolutely, positively, dedicated to helping grantseekers understand our work here at the Dekko Foundation.  We’ve created this blog with that in mind.  Visit from time to time and you’ll learn: What is economic freedom, anyway?  The ultimate liberty to make choices…and who wouldn’t want that? What is quality child and youth development?  We’ll […]