Grant Rant

Maybe it’s all the rain we’ve had this spring.  Maybe it’s all of the division along political lines.  Whatever it is, we’re grumpy.  We have something to get off our chest.  We feel a rant coming on!

SO many people misuse the word grant!

Since we work in the world of grantmaking, we notice it.  A lot!  We’d like to offer clarification.  Here we go:

  • When people sit down to apply to our foundation or any other, they often say, “I’m writing a grant.” In truth, these folks are writing a grant proposal.
  • A grant proposal only becomes a GRANT when decision makers—in our case, our Dekko Foundation board of directors—vote YES!
  • People who write grant proposals for a living often call themselves grant writers. In truth, they are proposal writers.

So, now, it’s off our chest!  As rants go, it was mercifully short.  We hope it’ll be useful for you and help you professionalize your work.

Whew!  We feel better.


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  1. Susan De Roy
    Susan De Roy says:

    Thank you for your rant, I love a precise word smith! So I will rant myself, in your grant information intro you say “prefers” so I will assume that is usually the proposals given first consideration. As someone seeking to write a grant proposal for an amazing group of kids I will also assume that “prefers” means I’m not out of the consideration pool entirely if I’m just across the river from the preferred geographical area. Glad I clicked on your rant.


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