Right in the sweet spot!

That’s where these proposals hit us!

Grantseeker, Betsy Pitchford, asked for a post about outstanding recent grants.  There are so many, it’s hard to choose.  Here goes.

We’d like you to notice, that in each of these grant arrangements, there’s an adult who’s stepped back to think about what children need to grow and develop.  Our investments are really in these adults and their thought process!

  • Just this week we invested $4,800 to pay for staff training at the Judy A. Morrill (JAM) Center in Garrett, Indiana. Their center uses the Reggio Emilia philosophy in their early childhood classrooms.  Teachers there asked for more training in order to maximize the impact of this beautiful philosophy.
  • The basketball and tennis court close to ten-year-old Morgan’s house in Gary, MN was a crumbling mess. With a whole lot of support from her mom, Morgan is leading a community effort to update and re-surface the court.  We’ve pledged $10,000 to help if the community can raise the rest of the money.
  • Last summer we made a $4,200 grant to support the robotics team at the Lindsay Lane Christian Academy in Athens, AL. We met teacher, Kathryn DeWitt, and learned of the student-led nature of the team (students elect the CEO and commit to job responsibilities).
  • We don’t make too many multi-year investments, but a recent proposal from DeKalb County Central United Schools was an exception. Because these school leaders believe that children are unique and need different options for learning, they’re offering Personalized Pathways to Learning.  Our grant of $497,000 over the next three years will support the training these leaders need to make this substantive change!
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  1. Ben Maples
    Ben Maples says:

    Thanks to a $28,000 grant from the foundation the welding program at Tanner High School is able to incorporate more students as well as have them train on modern equipment. The students are enjoying the new welding booths and especially the new multi-process welders that were provided by the grant.

  2. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    Being a Dekalb Central Teacher, I can’t express how important this grant is for our community and how much it is appreciated. One of the Pathways is through Leadership, our student’s leadership and ownership of their learning. As one recent visitor expressed, we aren’t just teaching the child today, we are preparing him for being an adult.

  3. Brenda Chisholm
    Brenda Chisholm says:

    I am very happy to let everyone know that in Gary, MN we are very grateful for the Dekko Foundation! We are cruising our way towards a new tennis and basketball court for our children and it could not have happened without the help of the Dekko. I think it is great that there are people in this world willing to help kids and to teach kids gratitude and the ability to succeed! Thank you for being there!!

  4. Tom
    Tom says:

    Wawasee (IN) Community Schools received a Dekko Foundation grant to work with a group of 24 at-risk children entering high school. The 7-week summer program was a great success, with two freshman students earning honor roll designations for the first trimester of the 14-15 school year. What a difference being accepted and valued made to the young people during the summer career, physical education, and life experience opportunities. Thank you for your investment in our young people!

    • Sharon Smith
      Sharon Smith says:

      ECO Challenge is an outstanding example of giving children what they need to grow and develop! Congratulations to you and your students!!!


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