Better than the lottery!

Posted on November 21st, 2014


Dekko Foundation Grants–Three things you should know

  1. We want to invest in quality child and youth development. Our grants go to pay for all kinds of unusual things:  cameras, salaries, training, statues…you name it.  But it’s all directed at the same thing:  helping young people have the learning experiences they need when they need them!


  1. We don’t have application deadlines. We had grant application deadlines for a while but they didn’t make sense.  We found that grantseekers were trying to meet our deadlines rather than trying to do what worked best for their organization and their work.  Now we accept grant applications anytime.  Simply send your proposal 90 days before you need a response to your proposal.  We’ll get back to you on YOUR timeline!


  1. 80% of our grant applications receive support! Are you surprised by that?  We admit it seems high.  But foundation work has changed over time.  Our website is jam-packed with information, how-to’s and support.  You’ve gotten really good at researching and sending targeted proposals.  So many of you call just to talk through an idea you have—and we think this is great.  We can offer you ideas or maybe even suggest applying to a different foundation.

Call us to discuss an idea:  260-347-1278


32 responses to “Better than the lottery!”

  1. Is it just Indiana groups you support or others? I thought I heard something on the radio about a project outside Indiana….

  2. betsy p says:

    On your e-mail subject line it stated ” We feel like Such Turkeys” Down here in Alabama we think y’all are the cat’s pajamas!

    • Sharon Smith says:

      Thanks Betsy. We do love our grantees and grantseekers! We want them to be successful with the young people that they serve.

  3. Bert Ehrmann says:

    Testing 1-2-3

  4. John Walsh says:

    Ok, I saw Comment #6. This makes #7. Just in case anyone was wondering, I will take the $100.

  5. John Walsh says:

    In case anyone is wondering – Dekko is a great teammate – they have really helped us achieve some of our goals and dreams.

  6. Dawn says:

    Good idea to include your phone number. I’ve had a few ideas but don’t know where to start.

  7. T Irmscher says:

    These top three things we should know is music to our ears! Thank you for all you do! FAME will get working on a grant soon!

  8. As a fundee (is that a word?) I have to say that I LOVE that you don’t have deadlines! It seems to us that every deadline hits at once and we get overwhelmed.

  9. Mary says:

    You have helped lots of people out especially us at Wee Care. I’m glad you reminded me of no deadlines. I will be contacting you soon.

  10. Tom Ray says:

    The Dekko Foundation helps make communities better. Thank you Mr. Dekko for your enriching the lives of others.

  11. Brian says:

    With such a valuable resource right here for all of us why wouldn’t we all be so very thankful for all that you do for so many! Thank you!

    • Sharon Smith says:

      Appreciation goes both ways! We are thankful for our grantseekers’ work with young people. We want them all to succeed. That is the only way we’ll accomplish Mr. Dekko’s vision of economic freedom!

  12. Nancy says:

    I really need to take the time to get a grant proposal out to Dekko. Thank you for sending me this e-mail reminder as to how much support you really give local children.

  13. Sharon Erwin says:

    We still are using the facility you helped us start over 15 years ago.

  14. Kristen says:

    I just heard that the Kendallville MYAC group is one of the 80%! Thank you for supporting the kids and the work they do!

  15. Gina says:

    Yes, great to know about not having deadlines. I have an idea that requires a little bit of money, so I’m going to be looking into the possibility of Dekko helping through a grant. Hope it goes well because I know it’ll greatly benefit my students!

  16. Becky Calhoun says:

    KidCity appreciates the support of Dekko Foundation!

    • Sharon Smith says:

      Thanks Becky…Kid City would be an awesome subject for a Grantee Success Story…other communities could really benefit from something similar!

  17. Debi says:

    Noble House Ministries benefits greatly from the work of Dekko Foundation in this community! We are thankful for board/staff training support, program support for agencies that we have access to, great training opportunities and for the commitment of Dekko Foundation to the future of our children. Thank you!!

    • Sharon Smith says:

      Thank you for your kind comments. You have a wonderful, big picture, way of looking at the community and what it needs to thrive!

  18. Tim Walz says:

    I’m thankful for The Dekko Foundation! To have an organization who wants to invest in kids, has the resources to do so, and actually helps grant-seekers become successful in refining their ideas into reality is awesome. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN! If you haven’t submitted a proposal you definitely need to contact them for help!

  19. Kate says:

    RCCB has been working with Dekko for over a year to help bring environmental education to our communities. They have been helpful and encouraging throughout the process and because of their support we will be able to make our goals a reality! Love this foundation and everything they stand for!

  20. Rudy says:

    We appreciate the support The Dekko Foundation provides Southern Iowa.

  21. Kash says:

    Lamoni Parks and Recreation appreciates the Dekko Foundation and their efforts to help fund youth development! They are an amazing resource and have been very helpful!

  22. Chelsi Morey says:

    Mentioned your foundation to a few Michigan teachers. They were very interested!

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