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Mr. Dekko-isms

Sometimes we come across something that just has to be shared!  The title of this document was “Mr. Dekko-isms.”   We’re sharing it without any edits at all! Mr. Dekko on priorities:  “Concentration of effort is the key to human accomplishment.” Mr. Dekko on the essential ingredients of success:  “Talent–hopefully supplemented by hard work, and […]

I was doing great until…

  We hear this from grantseekers ALL the time!  They’re in the middle of filling out our grant application and they’re stumped.  The section they’re referring to is the part of our application entitled, “The Difference You Will Make.”  For short, ‘the results section.’ This section IS difficult!  So, let’s break it down. Through this set of […]

The disposable nonprofit. It’s time!

Cameras, contacts, razors, cars…everything’s disposable these days…except some things that SHOULD be. Let us explain. It seems there are two types of nonprofit organizations: Some nonprofits invest in peoples’ well being. YMCA’s, senior citizens’ centers and 4-H Clubs fall into this category. Even though times change and people change, it’s pretty likely that there will […]

Walk that talk!!!

It’s easy to suggest that your spouse should exercise and cut out soda.  It’s another thing entirely when you have to lace up your sneakers and avoid the sweet brown fizzy stuff yourself. It’s called walking the talk.  It’s hard! At the Dekko Foundation we ask our grantseekers to take a step back from their […]

Four surprising things we’ve learned

  Working at a private foundation is interesting. We meet uplifting, passionate people. We see the success stories (and the ticks and fleas) of hundreds of nonprofits each year. We’ve learned a few things along the way: 1. It’s darkest before the dawn. Last week someone called about a grant extension because fundraising was lagging. […]