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Dear Santa, Please bring our grantees…

Dear Santa, Our grantees have been very good this year.  They have worked hard and long  to help children grow up happy, healthy and ready for economic freedom.  If it would not be too much trouble, will you please put the following gifts underneath each of their organizational Christmas trees? A great leader.   In […]

“The Dekko Foundation turned us down…

… and we LOVE them for it!” Those words that you thought you’d never hear come from Sandy Petrie, director of the Noble County Public Library in Albion, IN.  Here’s the story: Several years ago, the community of Albion, Indiana identified a problem:  Too few children were entering school with the experiences they needed to […]

Better than the lottery!

Dekko Foundation Grants–Three things you should know We want to invest in quality child and youth development. Our grants go to pay for all kinds of unusual things:  cameras, salaries, training, statues…you name it.  But it’s all directed at the same thing:  helping young people have the learning experiences they need when they need them! […]

Right in the sweet spot!

That’s where these proposals hit us! Grantseeker, Betsy Pitchford, asked for a post about outstanding recent grants.  There are so many, it’s hard to choose.  Here goes. We’d like you to notice, that in each of these grant arrangements, there’s an adult who’s stepped back to think about what children need to grow and develop.  […]


  Baaaaaacon! According to comedian, Jim Gaffigan, bacon is SO good you can wrap it around other foods (like brussels sprouts or kale) to make THEM taste better. At the Dekko Foundation, we think knowledge of child/youth development is a little bit like bacon.  Knowing how children and young people develop is good on its […]