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Top 5 reasons we love you, our grantees!

We meet the most wonderful people in our line of work! With Valentine’s Day upon us, it seemed timely to gush just a little. So, without further ado, here are the Top Five reasons why we love you: 5. You’re dedicated to children and your community! In our 34 years as a foundation we can’t […]

WHAT in the world do they want?

Many of us on the staff of the Dekko Foundation have been grantseekers ourselves. Some of us did our grantseeking as volunteers for organizations we’re passionate about, others of us approached foundations in our former jobs. Bottom line: we know a thing or two about grant applications. One of the things we know for certain […]

And the award goes to…

Since it’s Oscar/Grammy/SAG/People’s Choice season, we decided to get in on the fun. Here are links to three of our favorite posts from 2014. These award winners received lots of your comments! Doing it to youth, for youth or with youth? Better than the lottery! Mr. Dekko-ism By the way, our blog doesn’t have a […]